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World Championship 2002 Division I, Group A - Eindhoven, The Netherland April 20th, 2002 Belarus versus France 3-1 - pictures

France, without the likes as Philippe Bozon, faced off against Belarus, without NHL defenseman Ruslan Salei and other players like Vadim Bekbulatov, Oleg Romanov, Alexander Andrievsky, Dmitry Dudik and Vasily Pankov (doping affair) who starred at the Olympics at 19.30 hours. In the first period penalties ruled the happening on the ice. With Belarus players frequenting the sin box. This culminated in a game misconduct penalty and a major penalty at 15.30 against Sergej Cherniavski for a nasty slashing infraction. And while Belarus was shorthanded for five minutes defenseman Sergej Stas received a high sticking penalty and France had a two man advantage. Maurice Rozenthal (Baptiste Amar) scored the powerplay marker at 19.04 for 0-1. Reflecting on the first period France took the lead but only because of the frequent powerplays, not that they dominated the match. After the first intermission Belarus produced two goals: 1-1 at 26.03 by Andrei Rasolko (powerplay goal) on a deflection after a Aleksei Kalyuzhny blast and 2-1 at 28.31 by Aleksei Kalyuzhny himself. Belarus took the lead without dictating the flow of the game. At 57.22 a time out for Team France and coach Heikki Leimme kept his goalkeeper Christobal Huet on the players bench for an extra attacker. NHL experienced Vladimir Tsyplakov took control over the puck and hit the empty net for 3-1 at 58.05. And with that Belarus won the match and the tournament.

Click on the pictures for an enlargement.

Belarus preparing for the match

Benoit Bachelet and
Aleksander Alekseev (15)

Vladimir Kopat


Richard Aimonetto versus
Aleksander Alekseev (15)

Sergej Shabanov

Arnaud Briand (8) ready to tally

Arnaud Briand chasing Andrej Rasolko

Andrej Rasolko versus Jonathan Zwikel

Nicolas Pousset, Christobal Huet and
Aleksei Kalyuzhny all waiting for the puck

Gloved by Christobal Huet

All heading for the puck

Save by Andrej Mezin

Belarus players proudly wearing their gold medals

Belarus celebrating the victory

Team France

Andrej Mezin

Heading for the locker rooms